Geeky Girls Are Always Up For Some Fun!

Title: Geeky Girls Are Always Up For Some Fun!

Added: 2014-06-07

Starring: Ava Taylor


I swear I must have some kind of fetish for these chicks wearing glasses. I saw this Chicago chick on the street and couldn't let her pass without a couple of questions (yeah, right). So after quick chit chat and some BS lines that I must have known her from some mags we eneded up inside my car on a parking lot and I didn't have to ask her twice for a blowjob! And of course I told her to stay in her glasses and it turns me on! After getting my BJ fix I invited her to my crib and it's was on, a good afternoon session on rumping with a nice blast on her bubble butt. I even let her use my bathroom to take a shower, because this is how real gentlemen roll.