Her Barista Gig Is Clearly Not THIS Fun

Title: Her Barista Gig Is Clearly Not THIS Fun

Added: 2014-09-10

Starring: Dakota James


Today is a good day for some blonde bang. Hell, any day is good day to bang some smoking hot blonde. Cruising through my hood today and I see this cute, smiling blonde on the bench. I approached her and asked what's up before I used my smooth talking. She has been waiting for someone but word after word I concluded that she's pissed off because her barista part-time job isn't something you get rich doing. That was perfect excuse to offer her a raise with quick titties flash. It took a little convincing but in the end she was sitting in my car and working on my dick. How cool is that?! And by watching my clips you can guess I invited her to my crib to have some real deal bang with her. I love blondes!