Waiting For Your Friends? Let's Kill Some Time

Title: Waiting For Your Friends? Let's Kill Some Time

Added: 2014-10-08

Starring: Keisha Grey


I meet Keisha on a bus stop. It’s always a good place to catch a desperate girl. They are either waiting for a work bus or on their way to school and they always are in need of quick cash. The case with Keisha was a little different as she was just visiting some friends in the town. I asked about her modeling experience because she looked totally like someone that does modeling gigs. She told me she’s camera shy, LOL. Yeah, right. She was shy about everything until I throw a little cash into the talk. Her attitude went from being shy to being crazy about eating some dick! And if you watched my previous episodes you know this one little public place I take girls to test-suck me. Keisha was very worthy and I must admit I was really interested in her phat ass. I took her to the studio and had my usual way with her!